Engineering Lead

Company: Cam AI
Salary: Competitive
Location: Cambridge and Hybrid
Role: Full-Time

Full Stack Developer

Company: Neuro XR
Salary: £35k-£40k
Location: Cambridge and Hybrid
Role: Full-Time

What are Technology Readiness Levels? (TRLs)

 TRL Levels (Technology Readiness Levels)

TRL stands for ‘Technology Readiness Level’, and it is a widely used measurement system designed to make an educated evaluation of the maturity level of a particular technology (TWI). This is especially vital during the acquisition phase of a technology, allowing engineers to have a consistent datum of reference for understanding technological evolution, regardless of their technical background. 

How DeepTech Solves A Purpose

The fundamental focus of deep tech is to pioneer new solutions that solve society’s biggest issues – this applies to everything from chronic disease, climate change, clean energy and food production (Medium). This kind of enabling power is certainly very profound and has the potential to bring about real change in the world.

The Founders Dilemma: Rich vs King

The founder’s dilemma often stems from the ‘why’:

“What was the motivation behind your startup?”

“What is the end goal?”

“What made you do X, and why did you choose Y?”

What is Green Tech?

It’s hard to go a week without hearing about the ever-growing necessity to secure a green future. The term ‘green technology’ has started to pop up with more frequency, but what exactly is green technology, and why is it important? Above all, what does green technology look like, and how can it be applied to the world around us?

Why is 2022 the year for deep tech?

2022 already holds a vast amount of potential for deep tech. We’ve already felt the positive outcomes from the surges of innovation that have been taking place in artificial intelligence (AI), synthetic biology, nanotechnologies, and quantum computing, among other advanced technologies (Source, BCG, 2021).

CFT Closes Financing Round to Support Deep Tech Venture Platform

A Pioneering Pathway for Deep Tech Innovation in the UK, Aided by an Expanded Strategic Partnership

Cambridge Future Tech (CFT) announces the close of its latest funding round to rapidly scale its innovative deep tech venture platform, accessing novel and disruptive technologies from a host of UK-based universities. A number of investors from around the world participated in the seed round, including US-based Vest Coast Capital.