CFT Closes Financing Round to Support Deep Tech Venture Platform

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A Pioneering Pathway for Deep Tech Innovation in the UK, Aided by an Expanded Strategic Partnership

Cambridge Future Tech (CFT) announces today the close of its latest funding round to rapidly scale its innovative deep tech venture platform, accessing novel and disruptive technologies from a host of UK-based universities. A number of investors from around the world participated in the seed round, including US-based Vest Coast Capital.

Xavier, Co-Founder and COO. (Image Credit: CJBS Enterprise Tech)

“Given the attractive pipeline of innovative technologies already identified and a well-defined model for commercialization, we’re thrilled to invest in the team at CFT and the purpose-driven founders they support”, says Robert DiFazio, Partner at Vest Coast Capital

With four ventures already underway and plans to co-found another six by the end of 2023 alone, the capital infusion will allow the venture builder to grow their team at the Bradfield Centre in the Cambridge Science Park and develop partnerships across the UK.

We are really excited to work with experienced global investors with deep insights and wide networks, aiding us to support our ventures” says Xavier, COO at Cambridge Future Tech. 

By partnering with world-class academic talent and research – initially around Advanced Materials, Robotics and AI – CFT is well-positioned to commercialize new technologies and implement effective go-to-market strategies.

Dr. Liz Zijing Li – Co-Founder and CSO at Mimicrete, A CFT Venture.

As an academic founder, it is indeed a great experience working with the co-founders from CFT” says Dr. Liz Zijing Li, Chief Scientific Officer at Mimicrete and PhD from University of Cambridge.They’ve supported us in getting the self-healing concrete technology ready for the market”. 

Early-stage and building the essential foundation for new spin-outs is the most difficult time for new companies; Cambridge Future Tech is providing foundation stones to spin-outs in our cluster and is a welcome addition to it.” Says Chris Gibbs, Investment Manager (Physical Sciences), Cambridge Enterprise. 

Cambridge Future Tech fits perfectly into the Cambridge ecosystem” says Dr Rebecca Myers, Head of Education at CJBS Entrepreneurship Centre at University of Cambridgethey bring tangible resources to deep tech entrepreneurship”


About Cambridge Future Tech:

Cambridge Future Tech was founded in 2020 to help ‘Day Zero’ deep tech founders to commercialise their technology by co-founding high potential ventures. Cambridge Future Tech does not take fees or cash out of ventures, allowing them to fully maximise their resources and in turn is building a value portfolio. Cambridge Future Tech currently have four DeepTech ventures in their portfolio and seeks to co-found six new ventures a year.

About Vest Coast Capital:

Vest Coast Capital is a boutique investment and advisory firm, specializing in the capitalization and commercialization of transformative, early-stage technologies. With a presence in Silicon Valley and New York, Vest Coast is well positioned to identify and cultivate unique investment opportunities through a host of creative financing solutions. 

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