Commercial Lead

Company: Autopickr
Salary: Competitive
Location: Cambridge
Role: Full-Time

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Autopickr has developed an autonomous robotic picking platform. We are in the final stages of prototyping and are now looking to begin to expand commercial interest.

Autopickr is a team of robotics and computer vision engineers. We are spinning out from an established robotics workshop, ST Robotics Ltd (with their blessing) and therefore bring years of commercial and technical expertise to our new venture. 

We are seeking a Commercial Lead to join our team. You should have commercial experience in agriculture and a passion for technology. You may have run your own business or held positions of responsibility in another. You should have experience of direct sales, particularly in the creation and maintenance of strong long-term relationships.

Position Description

As the Commercial Lead you will lead the commercialisation of our technology within this new company. You will work with our technical team throughout the development and piloting process, before growing our revenue from first sales onwards. You will provide leadership, and commercial momentum to our organisation and be an influential member of our team.

The Commercial Lead will work closely with the team within our corporate co-founder Cambridge Future Tech. You will oversee and deliver across a variety of areas including go-to-market strategy, product roadmap, and revenue model. You will work very closely with the technical founders throughout. The role is highly independent, while at the same time very well supported by the CFT team. 

Key Role Responsibilities

  • Being a public champion for the business
  • Defining revenue strategy from launch to scale
  • Supporting technical progress and delivering the product road map
  • Building company value
  • Attracting, retaining, and developing customers
  • Managing competition and threats in the marketplace
  • Reporting updates to the Board of Directors and corporate stakeholders 
  • Building strategic partnerships and relationships to drive growth
  • Managing the venture’s customer advisory board

Ideal Candidate Experience

  • A Bachelor’s Degree or above in business or STEM (or equivalent experience)
  • >2yrs experience as a leader in sales role 
  • Experience managing customers and/or corporate stakeholders
  • Industry experience relevant in agriculture, horticulture, agritech or a similar field.

The individual will be working in a fast-changing environment with an inherently fluid product and therefore will need to display the following attributes:

  • Resilience under pressure
  • Ease building relationships
  • Rapport with professional and technical contacts 
  • Creativity and an innovative approach to problem solving
  • Excellent presentation and communication skills
  • An ability to understand, simplify and communicate complicated technical ideas


As the Commercial Lead within a young company you will be closely supported by the Cambridge Future Tech team and your peer group across the Cambridge Future Tech portfolio. 

Should you feel your experience is not perfect for what we are looking for, but you remain interested, please still get in touch. 

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