Engineering Lead

Company: Cam AI
Salary: Competitive
Location: Cambridge and Hybrid
Role: Full-Time

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Cam AI is a startup with ambitions to revolutionise the delivery of mental health care at scale. Mental health deterioration can take place over several years before professional help is sought. Whilst progress has been made to increase awareness of issues associated with mental ill health, effective, scalable, early-stage mental health interventions are still lacking, particularly for some of the most vulnerable populations such as for adolescents. Conversational AI offers a unique opportunity to deliver part of the solution here, and early testing has shown that chatbot support can be an effective tool when appropriate content is delivered at the right time. Cam AI has an existing team including veteran mental health professionals with experience building a variety of digital tools to augment their practices. The team has funding and resources to build and test an MVP, and a long term ambition to significantly improve the delivery of mental health care.

Position Description

We are searching for the first engineering hire to lead the technical development within the company. You will be responsible for architecting and realising the technical vision behind Cam AI’s products, leveraging the psychological experience in the founding team to deliver [the product]. You will capitalise on recent advances in the conversational AI ecosystem, both by using 3rd party APIs and hiring additional engineering talent to grow the team. You will have the opportunity to build a product from the very early stage in a funded start-up. You will work directly with the CEO and founding team playing a pivotal role in the success of the venture. The role will be a hybrid position, centred around the Bradfield Centre in Cambridge Science Park.

About you – preferred requirements for this role

Ideal candidates for this role will have the following:

  • Personal motivation to make a difference in the field of adolescent mental health care
  • Professional experience as a senior software developer or tech lead
  • Experience working on the integration and deployment of products that use AI
  • Capability to own and execute the technical vision of the company

Additional skills that will stand out:

  • Experience working with NLP or conversational AI tools
  • Knowledge of Python to build from the existing MVP
  • Experience working with cloud computing (e.g. AWS, Google Cloud Platform, etc.)
  • Experience managing 3rd party vendors and technical partners
  • Experience with hiring in a software development environment
  • Previous experience in developing an idea through to a deployed product
  • Understanding and the ability to work constructively with business and domain experts

If you do not have all of the skills listed, but the position still sounds interesting, please still apply. We are an early-stage startup and have many possible opportunities as the company grows. We are looking for people from all backgrounds with a passion to improve adolescent mental health care.

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