Graduate Software Engineer

Company: Cam AI
Salary: Competitive
Location: Cambridge and Hybrid
Role: Full-Time

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About Cam AI

We are blessed with the opportunity to improve the mental health of millions of young people, through early, real-time, psychological interventions, using conversational AI. We are responsibly developing an authentic and transparent chatbot using conversation driven development to automatically predict and personalise what relatable, professional therapists would say in equally relatable, highly nuanced situations.

We are a small group of professional mental health providers and engineers, with decades of qualified psychotherapy and machine learning experience. We are building a certified medical device in an agile and careful manner; the St Johns Ambulance of social media platforms, for a safer, healthier metaverse!

Trained by humans, tested on humans; things are darkest just before you turn on the light!

We are a Cambridge University spin-out, an early-stage startup, with pre-seed funding and a hybrid working paradigm (two days a week in the Cambridge office).

Job Description

We are looking for a kind, intelligent and interested software engineer with fluent English and the right to work in the U.K. You would need to be a caring, conscientious and creative individual with a degree in Computer Science, curiosity around AI, and an eagerness to grow into a professional machine learning engineer. It would be great if you had full-stack experience across Python, Vue.js and cloud services. It would be brilliant if you had an inclination towards language, from either a literary or machine learning perspective, or both!

You would be supported as a member of the engineering team, both to develop professionally, as well as to contribute to the design, implementation, testing and review of our codebase, services, models, experiments and processes.


Salary: £35K-£40K per annum.
Unlimited holiday policy.

Process & Timeline

Please send a CV and cover letter to
Please expect interviews soon afterwards (initial in-person chat; mini-project; 1⁄2 day in office).

Start date: As soon as possible.

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