Structural Engineer

Company: Mimicrete
Salary: Competitive
Location: Cambridge
Role: Full-Time

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Mimicrete Ltd is a Cambridge-based start-up seeking to develop and commercialise innovative self-healing concrete technology developed at the University of Cambridge. Self-healing concrete are solutions that work to heal concrete cracks as soon as they open up, mitigating further cracking, subsequent structural issues and the need for early replacement.

Self-healing concrete solutions are able to deal with the two major challenges in construction industry: durability and sustainability changes. Our technology can both lengthen the concrete lifetime and reduce the need for repair and/or replacement. This in turn will reduce the amount of carbon emission used in concrete production of 8% and related activities of 35%, and save the overall lifetime structure monitoring/maintenance costs approx. £40 Billion in the UK.

Mimicrete has been awarded a highly competitive and prestigious Innovate UK Smart Grant and raised capital from US Venture Investments to commercialise this technology.

We are a small and growing team – 5 people. As an early key hire, it is vital that the new team member is a good cultural fit, above all.

Job Purpose

As a Structural Engineer, you will be a major role as a link between our technology and its application. You will work closely with our development team to establish test strategies, probe the technology, and seek its application’s cases. You will also assist the management team to communicate with the construction industry and advocate for our technologies while understanding their demands during our commercial trial projects. Your responsibility is to comprehend the capabilities of our system and ideate ideas for possible applications and future construction uses.

The key to success will be the ability to work under pressure & uncertainty while maintaining collaborative relationships with key stakeholders from across the wider ecosystem. This will include potential partners, suppliers, investors, and customers. You will need to be inquisitive, engaged, and receptive to new tech breakthroughs in the construction industry. You will report to the COO and work closely with the wider management team from Mimicrete.

Key Role Responsibilities

• Support on design, develop and create small to large-scale construction projects in a safe, timely and sustainable manner.

• Carry out technical and feasibility studies and draw up blueprints that satisfy technical specifications.

• Confirms adherence to construction specifications and safety standards.

• Assess potential risks, materials and costs – particularly taking into consideration our new technology.

• Provide advice and resolve creatively any emerging problems/deficiencies.

• Assist in ideate ideas for potential applications/use cases

Ideal Candidate Experience

• Bachelors/Master’s degree in structural/civil engineering with sound knowledge of structural engineering fundamentals

• Interest to experience a start-up environment

• AutoCAD/Solidworks/etc. proficiency in both design and simulation

• > 3 yrs experience as a structural/civil engineer is strongly preferred

• Has achieved the professional qualifications is preferred

The individual will be working in a fast-changing environment and therefore would need to be able to work in the following areas:

• Shows resilience under pressure

• Creative thinking, problem-solving, and innovation to develop compelling solutions to dynamic problems

• Understanding and the ability to work constructively with business and technical experts

• Excellent presentation and communication skills


Should you feel deficient in one or two of the Ideal Candidate’s areas please apply nonetheless! We are looking for a strong cultural fit and a can-do attitude above all else.

The working hours for this role are negotiable and the part-time role will also be considered, with flexible working hours and the potential to work a mix of home and office (Cambridge). Travel (UK and overseas) may be required to attend events, meetings, and more.

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