We are proud to introduce our
Portfolio Companies.

Deploying biomimetic self-healing concrete to enable a sustainable built environment.

Building a neuroscience-based platform providing real-time emotional heat maps and analytics for the virtual world.

Robotics startup developing high tech, low cost harvesting and field solutions for the agriculture industry.

Bringing mental health care to young people using AI responsibly. Using conversational AI to enable early psychological interventions.
Enabling the potential of synthetic biology to be realised worldwide through tools to manage provenance and integrity for biological assets.
Literal Labs applies a streamlined and more efficient approach to AI that is faster, explainable, and up to 10,000X more energy efficient than today’s neural networks.

Harnessing the power of data to produce the world’s most efficient and effective Warfighters. Developing a secure, cutting edge data platform for analytics and right time insights in demanding environments.

RunTime Assurance Software that unlocks the next generation of safe AI based autonomous systems. 

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