Advanced Robotics Platforms for Real World Applications.

Introducing AutoPickr

AutoPickr is an advanced robotics company, founded in 2022, spinning out from a robotics SME ST Robotics. The AutoPickr Team have a history spanning 50 years in developing reliable and cutting edge robotics and have been awarded an Innovate UK grants to develop agricultural robotics.

The AutoPickr Technology is designed as a robotics platform with multiple use cases across agriculture. The technology combines tried and tested, reliable robotic arms with advanced computer vision AI, state of the art navigation system and a robust vehicle.

recent highlights



Successful Spinout-Out Process from ST Robotics



Build Management Team



Developed Commercial Pilots


Pre-Seed Closed

Funding secured.


Multiple Grants

Successfully awarded multiple InnovateUK grants

meet the team

AutoPickr is founded by multidisciplinary team of agricultural commercial business leaders and robotic technology experts.

Robyn Sands
Chief Executive Officer

BA in Media, Society and Culture from UEA. Experienced Operations Manager in the Robotics Industry.

Responsible for the commercial and financial aspects and overall vision of AutoPickr.

Kyle-James Keen
Chief Operating Officer

MA in Applied Theory of Design from University of Brighton A&AD Future Impact Pencil award winner.

Responsible for the product design and operations of Autopickr

Dr David Sands
Interim-Chief Technology Officer

50 years of experience in robotics, electronics, computing and automation. Serieal inventor and entrepreneur. Founder and Managing Director of ST Robotics

Responsible for managing the technical team and technology vision

the future

Their Robotics Platform will help Agricultural Growers who want to reduce labour costs and risk by delivering a reliable, cost effective robotic picking solution.

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