Enabling Scale in Synthetic Biology

Proof of Ownership and Provenance for Engineered Biological Assets


Without proof of ownership the synthetic biology industry will not scale rapidly; the delay and disclosure of patenting, the cost and hazard of legal contact, are poor solutions to this fundamental challenge.

GitLife Biotech offers the developers of gene-edited biological assets the ability to prove both ownership and provenance securely. Our technology combines a digital version control system, www.CellRepo.com, with DNA-based biosecurity tools.

Value proposition

We enable proof of ownership and provenance in synthetic biology.

Our advanced DNA barcodes connect proprietary biological assets with digital records on www.CellRepo.com, providing independent proof of ownership and provenance.

This enables the protection of biological assets, solves the “reproducibility crisis”, and underpins scale in the synthetic biology industry.

To date synthetic biologists have relied on legal contract and patenting to prove their ownership of biological assets. While effective, these approaches are flawed.

Legal contracts are expensive to enforce and rely on the judgement of a court. Without any way to tie the legal contract to the biological asset itself they are subjective.

Patenting of biological assets requires the full DNA sequence to be disclosed, which reveals the exact steps taken in the development of the asset to the world, both within and outside the patent-protected geography.

Our technology makes both mechanisms viable, ensuring the owners of biological assets can collaborate effectively and securely.

meet the team

GitLife Biotech is a spin-out from the ICOS Research Group at Newcastle University led by leading synthetic biology and computer science academics in partnership with dynamic entrepreneurs.

Alastair Orr Ewing

A former VC investor and British Army officer. He was most recently the interim CEO of Pufferfish for two years.

Natalio Krasnogor

A Professor of Computing Science and Synthetic Biology and holds a Royal Academy of Engineering Chair in Emerging Technologies

Nadia Rostami

A Senior Researcher in Molecular Microbiology.

Leanne Hobbs

A Senior Software Engineer and Full-Stack Ruby-on-Rails Developer.

CFT's Work with GitLife Biotech

  • Delivered the spin-out process
  • Developed a comprehensive Business Plan
  • Awarded over £600k in Grant funding
  • Developed further intellectual property
  • Achieved traction with customers
  • Closed Pre-Seed Round

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