Accelerating The New Generation of Energy Efficient AI

Literal Labs applies a streamlined and more efficient approach to AI that is faster, explainable, and up to 10,000X more energy efficient than today’s neural networks.

Artifical Intelligence Redefined

Similar to NNs in that customers train a dataset, Literal Labs trains Tsetlin machine models specific to customer datasets. This approach results in an optimised machine model that is then deployed onto the target hardware.

The Tsetlin machine model can be deployed as software only or can be accelerated using Literal Labs accelerators. Literal Labs benchmarking shows it can achieve 250X faster inferencing than XG Boost using software only, and up to 1,000X faster and up to 10,000X less energy consumption when using hardware acceleration.

Value proposition

One of the major challenges with traditional neural network-based models is their resource-intensive nature. As models become more complex, so too does the resource requirement. Literal Labs’ architecture, based on propositional logic, requires significantly fewer resources to solve AI problems, meaning that Literal Labs can deliver intelligent compute on devices with minimal energy usage and with little or no internet coverage.

As demand for AI continues to increase, Literal Labs is poised to play a major role in creating a new world of powerful AI-enabled devices with lower energy consumption and more use cases for the edge.

Literal Labs is an exciting technology that is poised to make a significant impact in the field of AI.

meet the team

The company was spun out of Newcastle University by world leaders in Tsetlin machine Dr. Alex Yakelov and Dr. Rishad Shafik, and led by former Arm CPU division VP and semiconductor startup founder Noel Hurley.

Professor Alex Yakovlev
CSO & Inventor

Professor of Computer System Design, Head of the µSystems Research Group at the University of Newcastle and Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Noel Hurley

Noel is the former General Manager (head) of the CPU group within Arm. Noel is was also a Co-Founder of XMOS, a semiconductor startup focused on artificial intelligence of things with over $90m in equity raised and currently sits as a NED for EnSilica Plc.

Dr Rishad Shafik
CTO & Inventor

Reader in Electronic Systems within the µsystems Research Group at the Newcastle University. Research focusing on AI hardware design using learning automata and ultra low-power design

CFT's Work with Literal Labs

  • Supported the Company in the Spin-Out Process
  • Developed the commercial and operational plan
  • Launched Pre-Seed Round
  • First Funding Closed via SAFE
  • Awarded two InnovateUK Grants
  • Successfully selected for Silicon Catalyst Chipstart Programme
  • Hired Experienced Management Team

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