Advanced Materials for the Future of Infrastructure

Implementing biomimetic self-healing concrete technologies and enable a sustainable built environment.

Introducing Mimicrete

Mimicrete is an advanced materials science startup, founded in 2021, developing novel self-healing concrete. The technology was developed via a doctorate within the University of Cambridge’s Geotechnical and Environmental Research Group in the Department of Engineering.
Self-healing concrete solutions work to heal concrete cracks as soon as they open up, mitigating further cracking, subsequent structural issues and the need for repair and early replacement. This technology can both lengthen concrete lifetime and reduce the need for overengineering, repair and/or replacement. This in turn reduces the amount of concrete used and related carbon emissions and lifetime structure monitoring/maintenance costs.

recent highlights



Founded The Commercial Company and Built the Management Team



Successful Innovate UK Smart Grant Application



Facilitated Commercial Collaboration Partnerships



Established Development Agreements with Major Construction Companies



Closed Pre-Seed Round

meet the team

Mimicrete Ltd are a start-up founded in 2021 by a majority female management team. The innovation was developed by researchers at The University of Cambridge who are all involved with ongoing industrial development

Dr Liz Zijing Li
CSO & Inventor

PhD from the Geotechnical and Environmental Research Group at the University of Cambridge Engineering Faculty. Delloite Alumna

Arta Selmani

Experienced Technology Founder and CEO. Operational and Strategy Expert. University of Cambridge, Business School Alumna

Dr Livia Ribeiro de Souza

Senior Post Grad Researcher from the Geotechnical and Environmental Research Group at the University of Cambridge Engineering Faculty

the future

Biomimetic self-healing concrete helps the construction industry to improve the sustainability and durability of concrete structures.

Mimicrete have developed a self-healing concrete system based on a vascular network containing a healing agent. Our technology requires no manual intervention post-installation. It increases the strength of the concrete on day one and more than doubles its lifespan. The need to monitor and maintain infrastructure is reduced. The extension in lifespan reduces the volume of concrete utilised in the overall built environment, in turn reducing the negative environmental impact of construction itself.

Mimicrete helps the “world’s most destructive material” to become significantly more sustainable, without total reinvention of the product or supply chain.

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