novel technology with a focus on meta-verse application.

Lead by a team of neuroscientists and psychologists.

Introducing Neuro Lab

In the metaverse, sellers are not confined by the laws of physics and this will allow the most creative businesses to succeed. Ensuring that these spaces are psychologically engaging and immersive will give retailers an edge in the v-commerce space.

Furthermore, once this business model has been established, there are opportunities for full stack expansion and integration into metaverse hardware, collaboration with metaverse platform providers, and the tokenization and monetisation of end users’ own data.

recent highlights



Succesful pivot to metaverse



Facilitated commercials pilots



Successful InnovateUK grant award



Launched pre-seed round.

meet the team

Matt | CTO

Keele Psychology Alumnus Leads Technology development and Intellectual Property

Elena | CEO

Keele Neuroscience Alumna Leads Neuroscience Technology and Commercial Development

Chaitanya | CPO

Strategy Manager at Impala. University of Cambridge MBA Alumnus Leads Platform Development and Product Strategy

the future

We will help retail businesses in assessing the impact their virtual stores or Meta-based retail experiences have on their customers and their online revenue streams.

Through emotional heat-mapping assessment we can influence the design of meta-based, virtual retail stores and vCommerce sites to maximise revenue for vendors and increase purchasing intention for customers.

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