Unlocking the next generation of AI-based autonomous systems

Safely bounding AI behaviors through intelligent real-time assurance systems.

Introducing SAIF Systems

SAIF Systems is an Artificial Intelligence startup, founded in 2023, developing novel run-time assurance control system software.

Run-time assurance works by safely bounding AI behaviours through intelligent safety filtering techniques, thereby assuring any black-box AI controlled system. This technology can enable the use of high-performance AI in operations requiring high integrity, where unintended behaviours are potentially damaging and/or costly.

Value proposition

The next generation of autonomous systems are currently impossible to deploy without restriction due to their black-box and complex decision-making behaviours. Therefore: 1) AI controllers can’t be integrated into existing systems without substantial, disruptive changes 2) We can’t trust AI to replace existing controllers, and 3) We can’t anticipate when AI will fail.

This means the promise of a disruptive wave of AI-enabled autonomous systems, especially in safety-critical applications, cannot be realised.

Enter SAIF Systems.

SAIF’s ubiquitous run-time assurance software helps the global autonomous robotics industry to improve the integrity and reliability of AI-controlled systems, saving costly design-time costs and regulatory requirements.

As the demand for AI controlled systems continues to increase, SAIF’s solution is set to play a huge role in ensuring they can be implemented easily with integrity and safety at the centre.

meet the team

SAIF Systems are a start-up founded in 2023 by a team with a wealth of experience in leading the development of key next-generation systems capabilities, like autonomous swarming drones, for the RAF.

Kyle Thomas

Previously Head of the RAF Rapid Capabilities Office (RCO) autonomous swarming drone programme.

Matt Harris

Experienced engineer in autonomous systems design and safety assurance of robotics and Al in defence with 10+ years experience in safety-critical industries.

CFT's work with SAIF systems

  • Founded the Commercial Company.
  • Successful DASA AI Grant application.
  • Developed the commercial and operational plan. 
  • Facilitated Commercial Collaboration Partnerships.
  • Launching Pre-Seed Round Q1 2024.

find out more

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