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DeepTech Venture Creation

Through our DeepTech Venture Building as a Service, the scale, reach, and execution capabilities of your organisation can come together with the people, processes, and networks of CFT,
Curate and shape defensible, foundational technologies that empower your next generation of products and services, delivering step changes in your industry
Create a deep defensive moat through the ownership of the intellectual assets that enable future industry trends
Reinforce your innovative brand and showcase the possibilities of the future, creating business winning propositions that drive top-line growth.
Provide opportunities for colleagues to immerse themselves in early-stage innovation.
Gain access to the emerging research and technologies affecting your industry to remain as a leader amongst disruptive and impactful trends.

Corporate DeepTech Challenges

The scale, reach, and execution capabilities of large organisations have the potential to catapult DeepTech innovations to change the world as we know it, supporting ambitious five to ten-year strategies. The challenge is efficiently and effectively loading the catapult.

From previous roles, the CFT team have direct experience of many challenges that face large organisations seeking to foster disruptive innovation. And we have heard of many more
from discussions with our corporate partners

Our Corporate Venture Building Process:

  1. Relevant, accessible, usable DeepTech.

  2. De-risking the extremely risky.

  3. Investment governance.
"It’s no secret: innovation is difficult for well-established companies."

The Journey

Supporting five-to-ten-year strategy with disruptive DeepTech innovations
With unprecedented access built through years of professional network building, we can go direct to source, working with technical teams from the top universities in the UK and beyond to identify foundational technologies with enormous market potential at the pre-incorporation stage, and spin-them out from their research environments. The same model applies to corporate IP libraries, where we can work with your organisation to filter appropriate technologies, unlocking unrealised value. The above process can be transparent to your innovation teams, allowing them visibility of the next wave of disruptive technologies impacting your industry
By working as an integral part of the co-founding team at incorporation, we utilise our venture building playbook, our experience, and our professional networks to overcome the challenges facing earlystage DeepTech innovation. This includes building and developing a founding team; establishing advisory boards; developing product, financial, and commercial strategies; securing funding; establishing an operating rhythm; and many further tasks to deliver standalone, self-sustaining ventures that are gaining technology maturity and building towards commercial impact.
An unfair advantage of the Venture Building as a Service model is the ability for your organisation to validate a commercial model for ventures and provide the platform through which they can massively accelerate their commercial scale. To achieve this, we will work with your organisation to identify subject matter experts and key internal stakeholders for each venture. This allows for bi-directional information flow to drive synergistic collaboration, while giving the added benefit of opportunities for internal talent to support the next generation of innovation. Together, we will shape the innovation towards strategically aligned commercial applications.
"Venture Builders can typically deliver 30% higher success rates and 50% faster progress from zero to series A."
The DeepTech Investment Paradox, BC

Our success is built upon:

Our internal team of seasoned founders and operators, in conjunction with a highly skilled talent pool, are the driving force behind the successful creation and development of our cutting-edge DeepTech ventures.
Our refined operating model, rigorously tested and optimised against our portfolio of DeepTech ventures, allows us to select and de-risk early-stage innovation to repeatedly deliver commercially successful businesses.
Through years of relationship building with top-tier UK universities and other innovation stakeholders, we have access to world-class enablers of our venture building activities, including collaborators for deal flow, investment, and DeepTech expertise.
"CFT is the essential catalyst for academics to transfer their invention to innovation. And we are glad to have their support in commercialising our technology at Mimicrete."
Dr Liz Ziging Li
University of Cambridge

Let’s Get Started:

Together, we can shape disruptive technologies that will change the world.

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