Founding DeepTech Ventures – For You.

We help large corporates to find and transform disruptive innovations into DeepTech ventures that shape industries, advance society, and generate lasting value.

DeepTech Venture Creation Services

The domain expertise, operational capabilities, and market reach of your organisation can come together with the people, processes, and networks of CFT to create flourishing DeepTech ventures.

Secure future market leadership by de-risking and investing in paradigm shifting innovations that have the potential to redefine your industry.
Augment your early warning system for disruptive emerging technologies, giving you a first-mover advantage against competitive threats.
Find and guide innovations to unlock your most challenging goals, filling in the blanks in your strategic roadmap.
Build at arm’s length, leveraging our process and specialised expertise that have been proven to neutralise white-hot innovation risks.
Our venture creation process applies equally to internal intellectual assets, transforming them into valuable revenue streams.

The Journey

Our approach is holistic, encompassing three critical stages:
Our primary focus in this stage is to identify promising technologies for venture building. We conduct a rigorous technology scouting and analysis exercise tailored to your area of interest. Leveraging our extensive network spanning academia, corporate research labs, and early-stage ecosystems, we uncover relevant intellectual property and talent. Our analysis evaluates impact potential, ownership status, and other crucial data, setting the foundation for venture-building activities in Stage 2.
The crucible where intellectual assets transition into robust ventures. We start by navigating the intricacies of spinout negotiations, ensuring that the new ventures have the foundations for success. We then become co-founders in the ventures, assembling their founding teams, securing funding, and developing the strategies that de-risk their path from lab to market. Our hands-on approach ensures that the ventures are poised for sustained growth and aligned with our corporate partners’ strategic goals.
Our involvement can continue even after the ventures are operational. Transitioning from active co-founders, we optionally become strategic advisors or board representatives, providing expertise, network access, and resources. From refining growth strategies to navigating funding rounds and governance complexities, our role serves as an invaluable asset for long-term success. We also offer periodic assessments to recalibrate goals and fine-tune growth trajectories, ensuring the ventures’ longevity.

Our success is built upon:

Our internal team of experienced founders and operators, combined with a highly skilled talent pool, are the driving force behind the successful creation and development of our cutting-edge DeepTech ventures.

Our refined operating model, rigorously tested and optimised across our portfolio of DeepTech ventures, allows us to select and de-risk early-stage innovation to repeatedly deliver commercially successful businesses.

Through years of relationship building with top-tier UK universities, research institutions, and other innovation stakeholders, we have access to world-leading collaborators for deal flow, investment, and DeepTech expertise.

Let's get started

Together, we can transform disruptive innovations into deep tech ventures that will change the world.

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