Together, we can build the future.

We help large corporates to find and transform disruptive innovations into DeepTech ventures that shape industries, advance society, and generate lasting value.

DeepTech Venture Creation Services

The domain expertise, operational capabilities, and market reach of your organisation can come together with the people, processes, and networks of CFT to create flourishing DeepTech ventures.

Secure future market leadership by de-risking and investing in paradigm shifting innovations that have the potential to redefine your industry.
Augment your early warning system for disruptive emerging technologies, giving you a first-mover advantage against competitive threats.
Find and guide innovations to unlock your most challenging goals, filling in the blanks in your strategic roadmap.
Build at arm’s length, leveraging our process and specialised expertise that have been proven to neutralise white-hot innovation risks.
Our venture creation process applies equally to internal intellectual assets, transforming them into valuable revenue streams.

The Journey

Our approach is holistic, encompassing three critical stages:

Our success is built upon:

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Together, we can transform disruptive innovations into deep tech ventures that will change the world.

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