Company: Various
Salary: Variable
Location: Hybrid
Role: Part-Time

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Introduction and Job Purpose  

Cambridge Future Tech is a venture builder for DeepTech start-ups. We work with extraordinary talent from source to turn fantastic inventions into commercially successful ventures, facilitating the next generation of DeepTech innovation.

CFT works with technical founders where there is deep expertise in technology but a need for commercial excellence and experience.  We work across Digital (AI/Data) and Physical Sciences (Materials, Computing, Quantum and Industry 4.0). We are always looking for ambitious people with extensive commercial experience and a passion for technology. 

As a Mentor with Cambridge Future Tech, you’ll have the chance to work with exciting and very young technology ventures, often pre-incorporation.

Registering as a Mentor with CFT gives you a unique opportunity to get involved with exciting new technologies and build the foundation for the next generation of DeepTech commercialisation. We are looking for Mentors with backgrounds in a variety of fields to match the many scenarios a DeepTech start-up may face. 

Key Role Responsibilities

  • The role of a Mentor is flexible and will primarily be defined by your specific area of expertise.
  • You will get the opportunity work directly with a portfolio company, advising and supporting their development across the lifecycle from a pre-incorporation scientific research project to a fully functioning DeepTech venture.
  • The extent of this work may range from short monthly calls to more in-depth engagement with the team, dependent upon availability. 
  • CFT’s mentors engage with portfolio companies in a broard spectrum of ways, from informal advisors all the way up to Non-Executive Directors and even full operational roles..

Ideal Candidate Experience

Experience in the following areas would be ideal, though not essential:

  • Experience as a founder of a start-up (DeepTech preferred)
  • Experience as a leader within a large corporate organisation
  • Experience within an early-stage investment firm
  • Experience within a University Tech Transfer Office


Should you feel your experience is not perfect for what we are looking for, but you remain interested, please still get in touch! Cambridge Future Tech is always looking for people who can get involved with and add value to our ventures.

This role is entirely flexible in terms of hours and commitment. The engagement may be formal or informal. Typically Mentors begin with an informal relationship which may develop depending on the desires of both parties.

Any compensation is decided between the Mentor, the venture and CFT on a case-by-case basis and could be pro bono, rewarded with equity, by retainer, salary or through consulting contracts. Many of our Mentors enjoy the challenge, interest, and CV expansion a venture engagement brings without asking for remuneration.

If you would like to work with some of the UK’s most exciting DeepTech start-ups please get in touch!